Lenovo Thinkpad T400

After a lot of research to find a good programmer’s laptop, I finally bought a new Lenovo Thinkpad T400 to give a boost to my programming efforts. This is my first personal laptop. Although I have still not fully recovered from the hole it burnt in my pocket, I am very excited about the flexibility it provides. Last week, I took it to the National library and spent some quality time there practicing programming. Just like any creative pursuit, programming requires its practitioners to work in an environment that allows their creative juices to flow. As for me, the ideal environment for hacking is a busy (but not very noisy) public place in the outdoor. Surprising though it may sound, I really do feel most creative when there are lots of people around me. So my plan is to visit all the cafes in the city and make a list of preferred locations ideal for working.

In order to discipline myself into doing some real work and not simply wasting time browsing the net, I have purposely not enabled online mobile broadband. This compels me to plan my work in advance since I am forced to download all the reading material, software, source code etc. that I need before stepping out of the house.


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