Vi magic

I was trying to replace the pipe character with a comma in a file using vi. I tried using


to replace all pipes with commas in the following string.


But this didn’t work and resulted in a comma before each letter as follows.


Searching on the internet, I found a suggestion that worked.


this correctly replaced the pipes to commas as expected.


After some digging through the vi manual, I found out that this was because vi has a special meaning for ‘\|’ when used in patterns.

In a vi substitution pattern, some characters are taken literally and gain special meaning if preceded by a backslash. At the same time, there are some other characters that have a special meaning by default and need to be preceded by a backslash for a literal match.

This is governed by the ‘magic’ option in vi.

The pipe character is non-magic by default which means it need not be escaped for a literal search. So the expression


would have also worked in this case.

The expression


escaped the pipe character and therefore made it “magic”. Pipe, in its special form is treated as a separator. So in this case, the expression reads

“Find nothing and replace with a comma i.e., add a comma before every character.”

Using \v makes every following character to be treated as special or magical. Therefore


makes the pipe character from non-magical to magical.

But escaping pipe with a slash makes it non-magical again.


The expression, therefore, now reads as

“Replace pipe character with comma”

which works as intended.


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